Greetings Counselor;

Welcome to Fact Checking Facebook! We are pleased that Facebook's legal department took time away from playing Gestapo to visit our site! We hope this finds you well and free of the ravages of the Fortune Cookie Flu. We also hope you are wearing a face covering while you are visiting the site to protect other visitors.

As you can see, this website, as well as our partner website, proudly displays a prominent disclaimer that we are not affiliated with Facebook in any way. It also clearly states that we are not endorsed by Facebook in any way. This ensures that reasonable visitors to the site are not confused as to any affiliation with Facebook and any of it's subsidiaries. We also provide a link to the real Facebook in case any hapless visitors got lost on the Interwebs and ended up here by mistake. Independent fact checkers say this information is not missing context and will not mislead people.

Furthermore, this site is not commercial in any way. We do not sell advertising of any kind to anyone. This site/domain is not for sale to anyone at any price. This site is for consumer commentary and criticism of Facebook and their "fact checkers". This website is fully protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, something that you high dollar court jesters have clearly discarded.

In short, you got nothing. Make all the threats you want. Our attorney, Mr. Hugh G Rection, says to tell you hello. We get it, you're triggered, you ain't happy about it, and we're sorry this is happening to you. Perhaps a call to your social worker is in order. You wouldn't be here if Mark hadn't disabled my account for a meme posted 3 years ago.

After going through our records and thoroughly researching the facts readily at hand, we have come to the following scientific conclusions which have been confirmed by an independent research team of doctors, physicians, physician's assistants, psychologists and psychiatrists from the most reputable universities around the world:

1) Mark Zuckerberg is a bitch

This information has been checked in another post by independent fact checkers, and has been confirmed as factual information.

Tell Mark and Margie and Ben we send our warmest regards.

And close your mouth, counselor, you look surprised.

Have a nice day.